I used to find meeting other intelligent successful people to be very difficult, until I met SEI Club. SEI Club helped me meet the people I really wanted to meet, I’m not in love yet but so far it’s better than any other venue I’ve tried!
At SEI Club we work very hard to ensure that each and every member has an impecable matchmaking and dating experience. Our Member satisfaction is the highest in the industry. We always make sure that all SEI Club members have an especially positive experience.

Below please find some raving testimonials and reviews from current and previous SEI Club Members. All SEI Club reviews posted below are from members who have participated in the club's exclusive matchmaking and dating services.
Brad T.

I’m not really one to write reviews, but I had a truly heart-warming experience with SEI Club and found it necessary to review. As a business owner I don’t have too much time to date so I didn’t sign up for too many matches or introductions with the Club. For me the focus was very much on quality not quantity. I met just a handful of matches within a fairly short time (3-4 weeks?)…and I found two excellent candidates right away. I’ve been dating one of them now for several weeks….I really lucked out here. All of the women I met were gorgeous but with one of them in particular we just clicked. I’m having lots of fun…now I have a beautiful, KIND, woman by my side and we’re having a great time together. Again, overall this was a heart-warming experience (that’s how I describe it anyway)….
Paul Ob.

I was looking to date women about my age (I’m in my 50’s). When dating on my own I wasn’t meeting women that I found physically attractive. They were all nice enough but I couldn’t picture myself being intimate with any of these women. So…when I was looking for a higher end dating site, I came across SEIClub. I was a bit hesitant to apply for their membership as they do ask quite a few questions…but I liked what I saw so I gave it a shot and figured what’s the worst they could do with my nickname and phone number right... I spoke with them and met with a matchmaker…a kind, sweet woman who clearly knew what she was doing. I joined as a member (I liked that they are very particular in terms of who they accept as members…I thought I’d be more likely to find the type of woman I’m looking for).

I’ve met a several women through them so far – the screening this place does is literally impeccable. Each of these women is slim, fit, educated, does well in life, and they’re all pretty – I’d pay them double for what I’ve gotten so far – easily. If like me, you’re looking to meet some very seriously selected dates, this is a great place.
Selma I.

I have never met such accomplished, educated men from so many different places and backgrounds. More importantly, they’re all so polite and refined. I don’t think I could even date anywhere else at this point because it would be a huge step-down…at SEI Club I’ve been spoiled with amazing guys. So far I was exclusively dating with two people they introduced me to (at different times of course!). Even though it hasn’t lasted “forever” I can’t ever go back in terms of quality dating – I’m sure I’ll end up meeting “the one” with them soon!
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Ron B.

I had an ideal experience with SEI Club. They’re polished, intelligent, clean-cut. Very high end service that listens and just delivers what it promises.

The only thing I was a little concerned about was that one of the women I dated was presented on the “public” portfolio of women members. I asked her to remove herself from there once we agreed we were going to date more extensively…I didn’t like the idea of going out and being seen in my circle with a woman who had her photo on a dating site home page (even though she is a model). I’m sure my guy friends know about SEI Club so it was important to me that she be a bit more discreet. … Most of the women of course have the profiles in a private portfolio (very few are actually there for the public to see)…but that was something I just addressed with the young woman personally. Otherwise, I don’t have any complaints. Good service.
Samantha G.

I met my husband through this club. They got it right on the third date. The first date I loved, but it wasn’t reciprocated on the guy’s end. The second date was not for me. The third date was my match. He is more than the man I could have imagined – he is my ideal partner in every way. We hope to have kids as well. Thank you SEI Club. It was just meant to be.

Phil E.

This service is truly exceptional. The women are stunning and actually have JOBS and CAREERS. The people who work at the club are polite, caring, and educated in their field. If you want to outsource dating and actually meet the women you have an interest in, this place is great. They cater from age 20’s to 60’s plus. I’m in my 50’s and enjoy dating women of all ages so it’s fantastic for me. I told them I’m divorced and don’t want children and everyone they’ve introduced me to is on the same page. So far it’s a perfect fit for me.

SEI Club Reviews


This is a small note to thank SEI Club for the great work that they have done. The quality of service is great. I am very much satisfied with the type of women that I am getting to meet through you. Keep it up guys!
Bryce K.

Marriage to Christina has been wonderful, and now that I have a kid, my responsibility has doubled…I love the being a dad. SEI Club has always been by my side and I continue to recommend you guys to my single friends.
Kenneth R.

Seven months after Anne and I met, we are getting engaged…this is the right time to thank SEI Club. Guys I really appreciate the support and some of those funny dating tips from you, which were very helpful to me and let me have more fun with the whole process. So, cheers and wish you best!

I would readily refer all singles that I know who are looking for anything from true love and a soul mate, to just enjoying the dating scene in a high quality way to you. Guys you will surely get a lot of references from Dona and myself. Thank you for introducing us.

Hi SEI Club! Hope all is well with you…This is my time to update you since I have fallen in love with Nellie, and she has reciprocated! Engagement will happen soon, and all I can say now is thank you, thank you and thank you…
Paul R.

It’s cool and I am loving your services. I have complete faith in your matchmaking capabilities…After my first two matches I know that you can deliver the best.
Donald G.

I completely trusted SEI Club for the most significant relationship in my life, and I am extremely happy that the team has not failed me. I have been dating Pamela for around thirteen months now and have never been happier….
sei club reviews
John B.

I’ve always thought of myself as a typical tech nerd. I’m focused on my startup, I’m quiet and I’m a bit shy. Without SEI Club, I never would have met Therese, and I don’t know what I’d do if I hadn’t. She’s just perfect. She’s just as into technology as I am, but she’s outgoing and she’s drop-dead gorgeous. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
Joseph R.

The thing I tell all of my single friends about SEI Club is that it’s awesome having a personal matchmaker. I feel like your team knows me and what I’m looking for as well or better than I know myself. It’s really been fantastic to meet so many women who are interested in the same things that I am and who are genuinely good people. I haven’t regretted a single date that I’ve been on.

The problem I’ve always had with dating sites is that most of the guys on there are intimidated by a woman who runs her own business. I’m not looking for a guy to take care of me, I want someone to be an equal partner. Your team got that right away, and I’ve met a few absolutely tremendous men. They’ve been mature, intelligent and they’ve been actually interested in the fact that I’m successful. It’s nice to know that there are men like that out there.

I’m in my 50s, but I wanted to date women of any age, as long as they were sophisticated and elegant. I’ve been so impressed with the women SEI Club has matched me with. From women in their 20s to their 40s, I’ve found gorgeous women who are exactly what I’m looking for.
Oden S.

I haven’t felt this great in years. I’ve been telling my friends that once you start going on dates with gorgeous, accomplished women, you start feeling like you can do anything. I love that you match me with people based on things we share, so I always know I’ll have a great time.

Most of the guys my age are so immature that I feel like I’m their mom, or even worse, their nanny. But the guys I’ve met through SEI Club are true gentlemen, no matter what their age. I can’t wait to see who you match me with next.
Kirk L.

I’ve worked really hard to get where I am, and sometimes that meant missing out on other parts of life, like dating. When I joined SEI Club, I wanted to meet women who understood why I work so hard. Rachelle was the second woman you matched me with, and she is just about perfect. She’s driven to succeed, just like I am, and we get along perfectly. I’m glad I joined, because it’s amazing to have someone like her in my life.

I wanted to write a little note to you to go along with the picture of the ring Forrest gave me! It was a total surprise, and of course I said yes! Thank you again for matching us. It’s been amazing falling in love with him. He’s so perfect for me. I can’t wait to be his wife!

Once you hit your 40s and have been divorced, there seem like there aren’t many options to find love. I knew I had a lot to offer, though. I’m the first female CFO at my company, and I think I’ve taken pretty good care of myself. Until I joined SEI Club, though, I was getting pretty tired of dating. I kept meeting guys who I had nothing in common with, or finding guys who were never going to be able to be what I’m looking for—a real partner. The gentlemen I’ve met through SEI Club are a different matter entirely. They have all been successful, mature and cultured. I just went on a second date with a man you matched me with, and I think that both of us feel the spark. It’s exciting, and I have you to thank for it.

Kendall is really the perfect woman for me. She’s smart, caring and absolutely gorgeous, exactly what I told the SEI Club team I was looking for in a woman. We’ve been dating for four months now, and it has been wonderful. Thank you for helping me find her!

Ainsley and I just celebrated seven months as a couple, and the time has gone by so fast. It was hard at first, because she travels so much as a model, but we made it through that and are so happy. I wanted to send you our thanks, and let you know that we tell all of our single friends about how great SEI Club is. We hope some of them join!

Carlson and I are off to spend our honeymoon in Prague. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have met, let alone married, such a great guy. He works so hard and he respects what I do, too. I hope you know how much better you made both of our lives!

I wanted to send you a picture of our new baby boy, Tucker. Guy and I didn’t know when we went on our first date how both of our lives would change. Now, two years later, we’re a family! And it’s thanks to SEI Club.
Lisa W.

I wanted to let you know how happy Malcolm and I have been over the last eight months. I had nearly given up on finding a decent, caring, but still handsome man in this city, so I’m so, so grateful I joined SEI Club. We’ve had an amazing time getting to know each other, and I think there are a lot more great times to come!

I thought you might like to know that I’m getting ready to pop the question to Leanne. A year or so ago, I never thought I’d be ready to get married, but a lot has changed since then, thanks to her. And thanks to you! SEI Club really delivered on their promise to help me find a real romantic partner; someone who would understand me and support me but not be clingy and needy. Leanne is nearly perfect. I’m working hard to make partner, and she’s there for me every step of the way, but also understand when I need to stay at work. I couldn’t ask for someone who gets me better than she does.

SEI Club is the perfect matchmaking agency in LA. I met Dan two months ago. Even now, I can’t wait to see him after work each day. He makes me so happy!
Dave H.

I am so happy I found you guys.  I practically hated the shallow dating scene before I joined.  But you made it fun again -  It has now been four months and Natalia and I are perfect together.  Thank you!
sei club reviews couple
Mike B.

I have never had as much fun dating as I had at SEI Club.  Had I not met Katherine on my fifth date, I would’ve kept meeting matches through you guys because it was fun… I now recommend SEI Club to all my single friends.

I was not into bars or online dating. I’m so thankful to my friend who talked me into meeting with the matchmakers at SEI Club. I met some great, single men and, after about 7 months, they introduced me to Mike. We are going to spend the whole summer away together!

I have found that the men I have met through SEI Club are far better quality than those I have met online. They’re more accomplished, smarter…they’re just more my style (better connection). Thank you for working so hard on my behalf.

SEI Club offers a simple and efficient way to meet attractive singles. The staff is very supportive and insightful. They give you the real introductions to real people who actually match what you’re looking for.

Without this matchmaker, I never would have met my husband Bill! We are different in many ways and yet, after a three-year courtship, we got married last fall. We have a wonderful marriage! So thankful we joined with the SEI Club matchmaking team.

I met with the matchmaking team after realizing that the Los Angeles avenues for dating were not what I had in mind for myself: clubs and/or the internet. I’m not the type to do either. I knew I had to try something new or I would stay single. SEI Club has been fabulous! They are sending me great guys and I can’t wait to meet the one!

I wasn’t sure which matchmaking agency to join. I did my research and found SEI Club on the internet. They have been amazing! I understand why they are the best matchmaking agency around! I’ve told my friends and several have joined too…we are having a blast!
Jake and Whitney

I was pretty skeptical about matchmaking or dating services... However, the first date I went on was amazing and we have been together since, we have now been together for 5 months and things are going very well. So thanks from both of us, SEI Club!
Denise K.

After being divorced, it was a little hard to imagine that anyone could possibly find someone who'd match one perfectly. So, I didn’t’ expect too much at first….just figured that I would find a few dates and perhaps make some friends along the way on SEI Club. But I couldn't have been more wrong! SEI Club gave me the platform to find someone so special. Thanks for everything.

I am now dating the most beautiful woman who is not only striking but intelligent and interesting.  I could never have done it without SEI Club.

Rick and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and we can’t thank SEI Club enough for bringing the two of us together! I remember when she first suggested that I meet Rick… I’d been divorced for a couple of years and the whole idea of getting back into the dating scene just didn’t sound appealing to me.  I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. SEI Club reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and have never been happier. Thank you!

The love of my life and I are doing very well. Our love story began with you. I am so grateful for your efforts.

I had moved to a new city and I had no idea how I was going to meet people especially the kind of people I wanted to meet. I was pretty nervous that I would end up sitting at home every night watching TV. But then I came in contact with SEI Club. Right away, I felt comfortable with the team and I believed they would be able to introduce me to "the right people". Sure enough they did; I’ve been having a blast ever since.

I have always been so busy with my career that I found myself having very little time to search for my mate. Then I worked with SEI Club. A wonderful staff got to know me, and I’m now seeing a woman I like a great deal.

I live in LA, do the LA thing, see all the same people at all the industry events.  I hired SEI Club because a friend introduced it to me. They found me a stunning, down to earth and smart woman, I didn't think those women existed in LA.
SEI Club is a Private Members Club. Catering to the most financially, intellectually, and professionally elite social circles in the entire world, SEI Club is the elite matchmaking / dating venue and private club for those accustomed to excellence. 

We act for a select group of educated, refined and successful international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return, only wish to receive the best; Catering to clients who will not compromise in any area of their life.

Below you will find reviews, remarks, and testimonials from current and previous SEI Club members (*).
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All notes and testimonials posted below are from members who have participated in the club's exclusive matchmaking and dating services.

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